August 9th – IQ Test

August 9th – IQ Test


It started as a virus then became an IQ test

To see who’d take the vaccine ‘gainst the Covid 19 pest.

Most Trumpists still insist that they will not take the vaccine.

At some point we must ask if these folks have a “stupid gene.”


If even Donald got a shot, why not his sycophants?

A puzzle why Trump’s faithful should take this defiant stance.

An anti-science attitude is their doxology,

The rosary of Donald’s cult of personality.


Is using the word, “stupid” too unfair and too unkind?

What other words are better for the Trumpist state of mind?

Could one use, “ignorant” or “crazy,”? (Both of these apply.)

All three make those afflicted likely to believe a lie.


Another problem: anti-vaxxers help to spread disease.

It’s freedom (to infect your friends) upon which they all seize.

Should freedom to be stupid trump the health of everyone?

How many more will have to die ‘til this pandemic’s done?