July 31, Trump’s GI Tract (scatological humor)

July 31, Trump’s GI Tract


As the colonoscope goes further up the Trump wazoo,

With every centimenter, it encounters more doo doo.

The DOJ says Congress may see Donald’s tax returns.

As they probe ever deeper, my! how Donald’s anus burns!


We’ve often heard the Donald say how much he trusts his gut.

That’s where he does his thinking, ‘til results plop from his butt.

He chews his cud, mistaking borborygmi for a thought.

Put in the simplest terms: the Donald bullshits quite a lot.


As Congress does a thorough probe, then what might that reveal?

If not a “perfect asshole,” we know Donald will appeal.

A perfect bowel prep is tough since Trump’s so full of shit.

Perhaps the House 1-6 Committee will accomplish it.


Will Donald’s sycophants wise up and see their god is flawed?

Or are they just as flawed as he, who can’t tell fair from fraud?

Tax fraud, bank fraud, and insurrection sewage overflows.

Perhaps if you catch Covid, Donald won’t offend your nose.


Could that be why vaccine resistors still like Donald Trump?

With noses full of Covid, they can’t smell a garbage dump.

But those who got their shots can smell him, even through a mask.

Now face shields must be added for their diagnostic task.


This task will be unpleasant; diagnosis may be too.

Are Trump’s feces infectious?  Do they spread disease like Q?

Why can some people smell him while his faithful still cannot?

Does Donald’s stink offend just those who got a Covid shot?