August 4, The Big Liars

August 4, The Big Liars


The Arizona GOP keeps pushing Trump’s Big Lie.

For, every single nominee has chosen to deny

The facts of Biden’s victory: recounted, certified.

So, are they stupid?  Are they liars?  That’s asked nationwide.


The Arizonans audited and did not find a thing,

No bamboo in the ballots, not one fire alarm to ring.

Not comprehending might show “stupid” is their state of mind.

When “stupid” is the answer, then the truth is in a bind.


Are Trumpist politicians dumb, or is it just their base?

Do candidates think telling lies will help them win their race?

Both stupid and mendacious is a possibility;

For in the GOP, that’s not a liability.


The general election in November’s on the way,

When more than just the Trumpist base will then come into play.

We must remember Biden won a slim majority,

So, pushing Donald’s lie may not have much utility.


Until then, Arizona is the Trumpiest of states.

The Big Lie is the platform of all Trumpist candidates.

If they all win, that will go on ‘til 2024.

When votes for Democrats won’t count with Trumpists keeping score.


Democracy requires elections to be fair and square.

What do the voters truly want?  The autocrats don’t care.

And Donald’s narcissism means he can’t accept defeat.

So, to make Trump feel better, must Republicans all cheat?


To pat the Donald on the head by pushing his Big Lie,

May kill off our democracy; the price is way too high.

Appease the liar; tell the truth; that is the right-wing choice.

You voters in the USA: it’s time to raise your voice.