August 5, Three Fat Guys

August 5, Three Fat Guys


Alex Jones

His chickens have come home to roost.

The arrows of justice were loosed.

Now Jones has to pay

For lying each day

And all of the pain he produced.


Steve Bannon

His ethics and morals unkempt,

Steve Bannon was charged with contempt.

Excuses fell short,

Convicted in court,

Although he claimed he was exempt.


Victor Orban

Orban just addressed the CPAC.

And liberals were taken aback.

To standing applause,

He made clear his cause:

To clear out the brown and the black.


Donald Trump

Are sychophants starting to snitch?

And make Donald Trump start to twitch?

Does he feel a probe

Inside his bathrobe?

That’s making his hemorrhoids itch?


Three Fat Guys

Three fat guys: Jones, Bannon, and Trump,

Whose ethics belong in the dump,

Could all overeat

Because they all cheat.

On prison fare, they may deplump.