August 3, Primary elections

August 3, Primary elections


A night rather different than most Red State nights,

The voters in Kansas stood up for their rights,

The rights of their women, who might want to choose,

A right that right-wingers now want to refuse.


It’s right-wing religion and Trump’s Supreme Court

Who want to get rid of the right to abort.

And, even if there has been rape or incest,

A pregnancy’s something that their God has blessed.


But concepts of deities aren’t uniform,

From many to one, even none, there’s no norm.

So, why should a couple of sects now direct

And say to the rest, “Bow your heads; genuflect?”


Now, Justice Alito and Marjorie Greene

Think we should revere Christ, as we’ve heard and seen.

A new Inquisition or new KKK:

Here they come, heretics; get out of their way.


A new Inquisition or new Ku Klux Klan:

Blacks, gays, Jews, and women: beware of their plan.