August 27, Insurrection Funders

August 27, Insurrection Funders


Who bought all the Trump flags for his 1-6 insurrection?

To find all conspirators, is that a good direction?

In solving crimes, “Follow the money,” is what wise men say.

So, who paid for the Trump flags on that insurrection day?


Who makes all the Trump flags for his rallies and that riot?

No one makes a product if there is no one to buy it.

So, for the insurrection, someone ordered lots of flags.

Now should we ask, “Who is the person; with the money bags?


We know Trump’s disorganized, so who formed his committee?

There had to be expenses; who held the funding kitty?

The rioters arrested so far, do not seem too smart.

Who planned and funded strategies to give these boobs a start?


So, to the House Commission, I offer this suggestion.

If you really want to give the Trumpists indigestion,

Then, find out who bought all the flags that we saw on 1-6.

And come down on whoever that is like a ton of bricks.