August 31, War, Democracy, and Covid

August 31, War, Democracy, and Covid


How can we teach democracy

To all the Middle East “istans,”  (1)

When here at home, as you can see,

We’re failing with Republicans?


We did not understand Islam

Or their tribal society.

You can’t change either with a bomb;

That won’t inspire their comity.


It’s long past time that we got out

And ask, “Have we learned anything?”

Past history gives us cause to doubt.

For now, recriminations ring.


So, back to Covid Delta spread

And anti mask insanity.

Six hundred forty thousand dead

From anti vax stupidity.


How can we teach those who won’t learn,

Those who will die for politics?

Do Doctor Fauci’s ulcers burn

From Tucker Carlson’s bag of tricks?


And now, of course, the hurricane,

For ‘tis the season, we all know.

Three problems caused by our disdain

Of science; our brains need to grow.


  • The suffix, “istan,” as in Pakistan or Afghanistan, means, “the place of,” as I learned from one of my medical students. The beginning of the words refers to a tribe, although in Afghanistan, there are fourteen tribal groups.  No wonder that they don’t have a strong sense of national identity.