August 26, Losing

August 26, Losing


They’re sweeping through the southern states with deadly synergy:

Stupidity and Covid 19, sharing energy.

Resurgence is the worst in states that vote Republican:

Right wingers causing more deaths than caused by the Taliban.


We’re flying from Afghanistan and from the war we lost.

We can’t do that with Covid 19’s burning holocaust.

We’re losing to the virus by our own stupidity.

We have three vaccines we won’t use; It’s just insanity.


We didn’t understand Afghanistan; that was quite clear.

We understand the virus; it’s ourselves that we must fear.

We could not beat the Taliban and their religious zeal.

An equal zeal at home prolongs our sad Covid ordeal.


Belligerent resistance to good vaccines mystifies,

Fed by misinformation, fantasies, and flat out lies.

And, sadly, anti-science attitudes are commonplace.

Lies spread on the internet and facts cannot keep pace.


Some politicians think vaccine resistance benefits

Their own ambitions, giving public health officials fits.

They’re sacrificing lives by cultivating Donald’s base.

They’re killing people so that they can win a future race.


Such zealotry: religion, anti-science, politics,

Are states of mind for which we know there is no easy fix.

Persistence of the medieval mind costs lives today,

So we die here at home by Covid or war far away.