August 22, The Trump Sycophant Dilemma

August 22, The Trump Sycophant Dilemma


They visit Mar a Lago, there to kiss the Donald’s ring.

Anatomists, observing, note they kiss a different thing.

For “R-I-N-G” is the wrong way to spell “butt” or “ass.”

Perhaps our news reporters are afraid of sounding crass.


McCarthy, Jordan, Gohmert, with their noses clogged and browned,

Fall on their knees to Donald, even when he turns around.

They know that they need Donald’s base, who cast votes they require.

So they risk eyebrows getting singed when Donald’s pants catch fire.


DeSantis and Greg Abbott, also vying for Trump’s base,

Think siding with a virus might help in a future race.

They’re killing off their voters but hope to suppress the rest.

Do they care for their people?  Data show they flunked that test.


But, what if Donald runs again?  Then what will these guys do?

And what if he’s indicted, will that change their servile view?

Will Trump still want his ass kissed while they’re killing off his base?

Why, even Sigmund Freud would be stumped by this crazy case.


But, are Trump’s fortunes changing?  We saw him get booed last night;

Suggesting vaccination made Alabamans want to fight,

But not against the virus, no, against “that damn vaccine.”

It looks like Trump supporters also like Covid 19.


Has Trump misread his voters?  Is their racist bigotry

What really matters most to them, not Donald’s trumpery?

If white supremacy and anti-Union sentiment

Are their true motivators, might they leave the Trumpist tent?


If anti science, anti Union, anti Black move them,

Is Donald still a useful tool?  Could they abandon him?