August 22, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” (a sonnet for our times)

August 22, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”  (1)


Our grapevine’s challenging our passion fruit,

Climbing the same fence, reaching for sunlight.

The ground’s the same where they have taken root;

Forgetting common origins, they fight.


The grapevine, more aggressive, bigger leaves

To steal the sunlight all plants need to grow,

Not underground, but in the open, weaves,

Intensions clear: does not care if we know.


I trimmed the most aggressive vines today;

The passion fruit beneath was doing well;

It has produced mature fruit anyway,

Although invaded by the infidel.


Now both vines, in their place, are doing fine.

We’ll have both passion fruit juice and grape wine.


  • Rodney King, 1992, Los Angeles, California