August 20, Who Funds the Taliban?

August 20, Who Funds the Taliban?


Who’s paying for the Taliban?  Who’s paying for their arms?

We know they did not rise to power simply on their charms.

They mistrust modernity, for their philosophy

Does not seem to have grown much past the seventh century.


They think of women like livestock; those who won’t go along,

Will soon wind up in a hole six feet deep and six feet long.

You can’t be homosexual; the price will be your life.

But it’s OK to rape a girl, just not somebody’s wife.


The Taliban are not nice people; their appeal is fear.

Where did they get the money to put their machine in gear?

There are some Afghan bank accounts that Biden says he’ll freeze.

And that will put the Taliban in a financial squeeze.


Have funds come from the Chinese or the Russians or Iran?

We know that none of them are nice; what would be their game plan?

The Taliban had been in charge some twenty years ago.

Now do their current funders want to see our failures grow?


We know that they sold opium, a cash economy.

We’ve wiped out all their poppies to prevent such larceny.

They have no oil that they can sell, no assets evident.

Will they let terrorists back in and charge enormous rent?


So, who will fund the Taliban to run Afghanistan?

After we had kicked them out, they fled to Pakistan.

The Pakistanis have The Bomb; and they are not our friend.

If they support the Taliban, just what does that portend?