August 19B, Mutation and Selection

August 19B, Mutation and Selection


Mutation and selection for what replicates the best,

What’s going on in Covid 19, our unwelcome guest.

That we now have the Delta variant is no surprise,

Especially with help from its Republican allies.


DeSantis and Greg Abbott are the leaders of the pack,

“Fifth Columnists,” who smooth the path for Delta’s new attack.

They leave their people free, ignoring scientists’ advice,

Unvaccinated and unmasked, and Covid says, “How nice!”


The thought that Biden might succeed drives both these fellows mad.

To save lives is OK, they say, but Biden’s way is bad.

So they will treat but not prevent, although it costs much more.

The tactics that our Red States use help Covid win the war.


Recalcitrant stupidity when data are so clear,

Drives Fauci to distraction, as the Fox News pundits jeer.

DeSantis, Abbott, Carlson, who take Covid 19’s side

Make sure we will not end this war ‘til thousands more have died.


Mutation and selection: that’s what Charlie Darwin said.

If you don’t understand this, you assure more thousands dead.

“…The Origin of Species…” (published, 1859,)   (1)

Explains it all so clearly, like a flashing neon sign.


Denying evolution, as a scientific fact,

Has paved the way for Covid 19, since it first attacked.

If you don’t understand the basics of biology,

Your chances go way up to be one more fatality.


  • On August 19, 1858, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, in a joint paper, first presented their concept of the origin of species by natural selection to The Linnean Society in London. The secretary of the society, in his yearly report, said that not much of real scientific importance had been presented that year.  Today’s Republicans would seem to agree.  Happy Anniversary!