August 19, The Ignoranus

August 19, The Ignoranus


Of all the ignoranuses, DeSantis takes the cake.

The data clear to scientists, DeSantis makes opaque.

He’s opening a stadium to treat the Delta Spread

But not with vaccinations; get those thoughts out of your head.


So what if vaccination’s free and treatments cost a lot?

(He would not need a stadium if folks would get a shot.)

But Ron wants to be President and he needs Donald’s base,

So he will treat, not vaccinate, though stupid on its face.


To slow the rate of Covid spread, he won’t mandate a mask.

What’s more, no local school board may; his answer’s “No!” don’t ask.

Thought shots will stop and masks will slow pandemic spread, we know,

That is an area of fact where Trumpists will not go.


With children’s cases on the rise, DeSantis still won’t budge.

When Ron makes public statements, there’s a whiff of sewer sludge.

The ICUs have overflowed and deaths are on the rise.

But facts don’t move DeSantis; he’s a Trumpist, no surprise.


The leader in new cases is the state of Florida,

An honor rather dubious, here in America.

Should we sing Ronnie’s praise or hang his ass in effigy?

A question to consider, giving your child’s eulogy.


The highest rate of Covid spread within the USA,

Will, under Ron DeSantis, get more deadly, day by day.

So let’s use “ignoranus” every time we speak of Ron,

A stupid asshole helping Covid to go on and on.