August 13, Crazy  (1)

August 13, Crazy  (parody to Willie Nelsons’ “Crazy”)



I’m one of the Donald’s base voters.

I’m crazy,

As I watch the country turn blue.

I know

That black folks now vote in elections.

We must stop them.

That’s what good Trump loyalists do.


I’ll face charges for insurrection,


Will bills for sedition come due?

I’m crazy,

Believing Trump’s Big Lie might be true.

I’m not vaccinated; I’m being berated;

The doctors say I have no clue.

I’m crazy,

Believing that Fox News is all true.

Descended from species who swallow bull feces,

I stumble through life with no clue.


I thought Trump might be reinstated.

I’m crazy,

Was anything I believed true?

I thought

The Chinese hacked last year’s election.

But no ballots

Have shown us a trace of bamboo.


Is now asking me to send money.


What my dough will help Donald do.

I’m crazy,

Beginning to doubt my whole world view.

Trump’s not reinstated; I’m not vaccinated;

And now I have caught “Covid flu.”

I’m crazy

For following charlatans like Q.

Sedition incited, Trump may be indicted,

And now I have caught “Covid flu.”


  • May be sung to “Crazy” by Willie Nelson. Patsy Cline’s version is the best.