April 9, Medical Testimony

April 9, Medical Testimony


The doctors are now on the stand in George Floyd’s murder case,

Establishing the cause of death.  There’s no doubt, not a trace,

Compression of his neck and chest meant his lungs got no air.

So, George Floyd died ‘neath Chauvin’s knees; did Derek Chauvin care?


It’s true that Floyd ingested drugs; they found some Fentanyl

And also, methamphetamine, but not enough to kill.

No, Chauvin squeezed the life from Floyd, from videos we’ve seen,

The cause of death, asphyxia, a death slow and obscene.  (1)


The doctors were unanimous; Floyd’s death was homicide.

The cross examiner could not shake them, although he tried.

The problem is the videos; we all saw what was done.

And we saw several angles in the bright light of the sun.


And, while Chauvin was killing George, he seemed so nonchalant.

The blank expression on his face is surely bound to haunt

The jurors when deliberating, judging his intent.

When looking at the cameras, he seemed almost content.


The prosecution will rest soon; then the defense is next.

Their strategy will be confuse, sow doubt, leave us perplexed.

The prosecution’s case is strong; the evidence is clear;

Then the defense will get its chance, to make facts seem unclear.


Will Derek Chauvin testify?  We all would like to know.

When he is cross examined, would that deal him a death blow?

We’d like to know what he was thinking after Floyd passed out.

He did not get up off Floyd’s neck; what was that all about?


  • Look up “The Green Fields of France,” written and performed by Eric Bogle. It’s about death in war: quick and clean or “slow and obscene.”  There are several recordings.  My favorite is by John McDermott.