April 10, Matt Gaetz Fundraiser

April 10, Matt Gaetz Fundraiser


I just received an email from Matt Gaetz,

Appealing for donations, just like Trump’s.

Their lawyers charge them such excessive rates,

They hope to pay them off with cash from chumps.


The peccadilloes of both Matt and Don,

Or, “peckerdilloes,” to be more precise,

Are stories that have just gone on and on,

A brand new season of Miami Vice.


The charges are both civil, criminal:

Tax fraud, unwanted touching, even rape.

The public is drawn to the seminal;

The lurid details leave our mouths agape.


Indictments should come out sometime this year,

As prosecutors find folks who will flip.

We know that’s what both Matt and Don most fear,

To watch the scales of justice start to tip.