April 14, The Defense Experts

April 14, The Defense Experts


Defending Derek Chauvin, experts came to testify,

Floyd died from heart disease and drugs, which they would certify.

And they made light of Chauvin’s knees on George Floyd’s neck and back;

His cause of death was undetermined, maybe heart attack?


On cross examination, their assertions modified;

Yes, Chauvin’s knees contributed to why George Floyd had died.

Had heart disease and drugs made George Floyd easier to kill?

Exact words that they did not say, thanks to evasive skill.


Their strategy seems mostly to just try to obfuscate

The videos that we all saw, instead to implicate

All sorts of other causes for death that one might surmise

And get one juror doubting that they should believe their eyes.


Tobacco companies could find some doctor who would say

That cancer wasn’t caused by smoking; so they wouldn’t pay

Big judgments to the families of folks they hooked and killed.

When cash or jail are on the line, confusing stories build.



So Chauvin’s team searched high and low for experts to enshroud

The evidence the jury’s seen, befog it in a cloud,

So they won’t trust their eyes and ears, instead think there’s some doubt

That Derek Chauvin’s knees on Floyd squeezed his life’s spirit out.


It is an old, old story; when you haven’t got a case,

You try to stick the victim into the defendant’s place.

So George Floyd was responsible for his own death that day,

He wasn’t killed; no, he just died; and not due to foul play.