April 9, LGBTQ (Sex education for Republicans)

April 9, LGBTQ (Sex education for Republicans)


“L” is for the lesbians Republicans oppose.

“Ls” don’t take men for lovers; old white male resentment grows.

No, “Ls” like other ladies and, of course we can’t have that.

If you think that’s okay, then you must be a Democrat.


“G” is for the “gay” men, those preferring other men,

Like Leonardo, Dostoevsky, both were gay back then.

And Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein (oops, he went both ways.)

And Elton John and Lindsey Graham?  Wonder whom he lays?


“B” is for “bisexuals,” whose love lives bifurcate.

They like both men and women, rarely differentiate.

Like Jonathan and David: in the Bible you can read, (1)

They loved each other more than women; something we should heed.


And “T” is for “transgenders,” whom Republicans all curse.

Uncomfortable in their birth bodies, hatred makes it worse.

Republicans call loving them and helping them a sin.

The GOP says, “Don’t discuss it,” or the liberals win.


And “Q” means, “questioning,” though some still use it to mean, “queer.”

It’s a broad range of those whose gender preferences aren’t clear.

In human variation, one tenth write with their left hand.

Are these folks, “sinister?”  Do we think they should be banned?  (2)


Let’s think of sex like hand use: ambidextrous, left, and right.

And baseball with switch hitters; do we think one way is right?

There’s lots of human variation: LGBTQ.

If you don’t understand this, then you might check your IQ.


  • See the Biblical book of I Samuel, starting with Chapter 20.
  • Look up the derivation and implication of words like “dexterous” and “sinister.”