April 10, Woke

April 10, Woke


Does “woke” mean “awakened” or does it mean more?

Will your mind be different than it was before?

What have you awakened from, awakened to?

Are you more aware of what others go through?


Why are the Republicans upset by “woke?”

Some rant and some rave like they might have a stroke.

Will all they hold sacred be tossed in the trash

By black folks and women grown tired of the lash?


Ketanji Brown Jackson will soon join the Court.

What happened to white men?  The Court will be short.

There will be four women, one (right wing) black male.

Ketanji Brown Jackson was the final nail.


Can who the “woke” crucified rise up again?

Can Trump resurrect himself to lead white men?

Or will social justice replace the old ways

With right wingers grieving for the good old days?


For “woke” means concern for true equality,

A fair playing field for the whole polity.

That doesn’t mean everyone turns out the same,

But all have a fair chance when playing the game.


If you’re an American, what’s wrong with that?

Supporting that means you’re a pedophile rat?

No, “woke” means we’ll let everybody compete

And, if we do that, Donald’s base will get beat.


(Republicans know that and that’s why they cheat.)