April 11. Relative Values

April 11. Relative Values


Will Smith got ten years for a slap in the face, (1)

The wrong thing to do, the wrong time, the wrong place.

Chris Rock was the “slapee,” a joke did not work.

But that’s no excuse; Will Smith still was a jerk.


We’re all well aware Donald Trump flouts the law

And, right out in public, for years we all saw.

He caused insurrection and whipped up the crowd.

We have it on video; it’s clear; it’s loud.


Trump’s not been indicted; he’s stayed out of jail.

(Collusion with Russia, a case that’s grown stale.) (2)

Bank fraud and tax fraud, overturning the vote,

But Trump, unlike Will Smith, is so far, unsmote.


And Vladimir Putin’s committing war crimes:

Mass murder, mass bombing, daytimes and nighttimes.

Yet sanctions we’ve placed on his economy

Have not slowed his march straight into infamy.


Has Vlad paid a price for all those he has killed?

If not, is the cause that we’ve been too weak-willed?

Concern about gas prices or for lives lost—

What’s that say of us…how we value the cost?


A slap in the face, insurrection, Ukraine:

So far, while Will Smith suffers painful disdain,

Both Donald and Vladimir are still at large,

Two obvious criminals, loose, without charge.


  • Will Smith has been banned from attending the Academy Awards for ten years for slapping Chris Rock in the face during the most recent awards show.
  • The Muller Report (April 18, 2019) presented a lot of evidence showing Russian interference on behalf of Trump during the 2016 campaign.  Muller indicted several Russians, who will never stand trial here.  He did not indict Trump because of departmental policy not to indict sitting Presidents.  He said in his report that he would have cleared Trump of collusion if he could but he could not, and left it at that.  Naturally, Trump’s DOJ did not pursue the case.