April 7, The Tennessee Legislature

April 7, The Tennessee Legislature


Republicans in Tennessee have seized decorum back.

You can’t protest for gun control, especially if you’re black.

The legislature values its decorum over all;

A loud protest for gun control is “…like the 1-6 brawl.”


Some say 1-6 was “peaceful;” even they know that’s a lie.

For lives were lost and cops were beaten; “peaceful”…when folks die?

The Tennessee protesters just demanded, “Do your job!”

No one was killed or even struck, no doors smashed by a mob.


There were just three protesters; two were black and one was white.

The two blacks were ejected, not the one whose skin was light.

She said she was protected by the color of her skin.

Have we just seen the meaning of: “The South shall rise again!?”


A shooting in a Nashville school has left six people dead.

Will they consider gun control?  Of course they won’t; instead

The legislature will pay for more guards with firearms.

For forty thousand yearly gun deaths, hear them cry: “To arms!”


“You shall have no other gods before me,” the Word of God, (1)

To hold up guns as holy puts more children ‘neath the sod.

In Tennessee, the legislature holds the gun on high.

Man made Amendment, God’s Commandment: which makes more kids die? (2)


Decorum or our children’s lives: right wingers made a choice.

You can’t protest for gun control; and never raise your voice.

In Tennessee, decorum can’t be challenged if you’re black.

They’ll let the murdered rest in peace but bring decorum back.


  • See Exodus 20:3 as well as the rest of the Ten Commandments.
  • The Second Amendment to the Constitution, written by our 18th century Founding Fathers, guarantees the right of “the people” (collectively) to keep and bear arms in a well regulated state militia. It has only recently  been interpreted to allow individuals to purchase weapons of war.   The Ten Commandments are traditionally attributed to the Word of God, dictated to Moses.