April 11, Thoughts and Prayers

April 11, Thoughts and Prayers


Just thoughts and prayers won’t do it folks; it’s long past time to act.

The problem is too many guns: clear, though disputed fact.

When angry people, crazy people get guns with such ease,

They make mass shootings a unique American disease.


The Second Amendment: students’ lives in the second grade:

Right wingers in America force us to make this trade.

The Second Amendment says that we, “the people,” may bear arms;

“The people,” a collective noun: that’s who may bear firearms.


“Well regulated” state militias, the Amendment reads,

Not crazy folks with AR 15s, planning evil deeds.

But willful misinterpretation piles the bodies high.

Continuing that error just assures more people die.


Our right wing has assured that crazy folks get arms with ease.

We’ve clearly proven we won’t solve this praying on our knees.

Republicans all seem to say there’s nothing we can do.

So, vote them out of office; they’ve admitted they’ve no clue.


We must protect our children; not protect AR 15s.

Protecting AR 15s simply means more charnel scenes.

Protect our kids and they will give us grandkids to admire.

So, piles of bodies or grandchildren: which do we desire?


It’s guns or lives, the choice is clear if we would rid this scourge:

A graduation, “Pomp and Circumstance,” or funeral dirge.

If other governments have solved this, that means we can too.

And we must do it with our votes; it’s up to me and you.



And now, in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s bankers who have died.

Might this move some Republicans whose brains aren’t ossified?

For those who worship money, now their priesthood’s been attacked.

Could this mean that their idol of the gun might now be cracked?