April 7, Bucha

April 7, Bucha


There are hundreds of dead bodies scattered on the streets,

Detritus left behind as the large Russian force retreats.

Now, should we call this genocide or is it “just” war crimes?

It isn’t Hitler’s Holocaust, although it clearly rhymes.


Some victims were bicyclists who were killed by sniper fire.

Some also looked like victims of a murderer for hire.

Their hands were tied behind their backs, then killed with one head shot.

The Russians call the pictures, “staged,” although they know they’re not.


All the civilian property is rubble or it’s ash.

Its owners have been murdered and their bodies left as trash.

The Russian soldiers looted homes, stole foodstuffs, and they raped.

The carnage that they left behind was all videotaped.


Ukrainian survivors told us we will see much more.

The Russians have done this before when they were waging war.

Not human lives nor property have meant a thing to them.

Brutality and criminality: their natures—grim.


Do we see Russian character in these atrocities?

Is genocide part of some Russian personalities?

And, if Ukraine can free itself and drive the Russians out,

Will there still be some laws of decency that they will flout?


The Russians know what they have done, so they suppress the press.

But cell phone videos are clear, so we don’t have to guess.

As Vladimir’s crime family rampages through Ukraine,

Rape, murder, and her cities razed: what does he hope to gain?