April 2, War Crimes?

April 2, War Crimes?


Mass murder, arson, and armed robbery,

Kidnapping, and assault and battery:

A list of crimes of Vladimir the Short,

Who now must be arrested, hauled to court,

To be tried for invasion of Ukraine.

He turned a country to a bloody stain.


Since Vladimir flunked every ethics course,

He thinks Ukraine is his to take by force.

“Consent,” to him is broad, including, “rape.”

‘Twixt Russia and Ukraine, a lover’s scrape,

So Vlad says there’s no need to call the cops;

Just let him go on with his “special ops.”


Should the United Nations take a stand?

Their charter outlaws armed seizure of land. (1)

But now, that’s just what Vladimir has done

And with no legal reason, since day one.

So, will the UN tolerate this crap?

We know who’s guilty; Vlad must take the rap.


Now NATO’s reunited; thanks to Joe

Who got them organized, although we know

That Donald Trump had tried to pull us out,

So Vlad thought he would triumph in a rout.

But Trump failed Putin and Vlad’s in a fight

That’s bringing his incompetence to light.


So, first we must insure the Russians lose.

Then figure out how Vlad will pay his dues.

He should stand trial before the ICC. (2)

For all his war crimes in the first degree.

He must be tried, convicted, and then jailed.

If we don’t do that, the UN has failed.


  • See the UN Charter, Article 2, paragraph 4.
  • ICC, the International Criminal Court in the Hague, where war crimes would be tried.