April 1, Madison Cawthorn’s Lies

April 1, Madison Cawthorn’s Lies


Madison Cawthorn said the GOP

Holds orgies and snorts cocaine.

Kevin McCarthy, roused from syncope, (1)

Rushed to the Press to complain.


Madison Cawthorn,  a young Congressman,

Said things without evidence.

Someone must explain to this fine young man:

Lie at the liberal’s expense.


The liberals engage in sex, drugs, rock and roll.

They’re the ones who are risque’.

Sex, drugs, and liberals: they threaten our soul;

Trump screwing porn stars, OK.


Madison Cawthorn has not learned the rules:

Lies about Biden are fine.

Let QAnon call the Democrats, “ghouls.”

Right wing sex crosses the line.


Madison Cawthorn’s adherence to facts

In the past has not been tight.

He has to learn that, when he makes attacks,

He can’t disparage the right.


Greene, Cawthorn, Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz,

And Trump give Kevin headaches.

Managing lies, sailing through narrow straits,

Bald lies and simple mistakes.


Madison Cawthorn, a pain in the ass,

Keeps Kevin up every night.

Where is the voice saying, “This too shall pass?”

Who will rid him of this blight? (2)


  • Syncope, medical term for fainting due to a sudden loss of blood pressure.
  • Review Henry II of England’s comment on Thomas Beckett.