April 17, Warning Signs

April 17, Warning Signs


We have vaccines for viruses but no vaccines for guns.

Some Red States have proposed withdrawing all library funds. (1)

And Red State governments are passing strict abortion bans, (2)

Though voters disapprove if you ask for a show of hands.  (3)


Suppression of black voters is the way Red States assure

That old, white, Christian men will get elected, then endure.

The Red States don’t like science with its emphasis on facts,

For when facts are presented, their façade develops cracks.


Is Fox News the official organ of the Trump Big Lie,

Like Putin’s Pravda printing lies that no one dares defy? (4)

Broadcasting lies as truth is something all dictators do.

When you control the press, then you can bid the truth adieu.


The Trumpists have revealed their cult of personality,

Maintaining loyalty in spite of criminality.

A new savior from Florida seeks to be sanctified, (5)

Along with lesser candidates if Trump gets crucified.


The signs are clear; it’s guns and God and sacred embryos,

Control the women, blacks, and press and call the Jews your foes.

Ban books and science; fix elections so you stay in power.

Our nation has the warning signs; fascism’s storm clouds lower.


  • GOP legislators in several states have proposed this. Missouri is farthest along.  Banning specific books seems more complicated than getting rid of books altogether.
  • The latest map of states that have banned abortion after the Dobbs decision looks a lot like the former Confederate States of America, with a couple of metastases, like Idaho.
  • The Pew Research Center reports that 61% of Americans think that abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
  • Ironically, Pravda is the Russian word for “truth.”
  • Rick DeSantis (R) Florida, the current governor, though officially undeclared as a candidate, sure seems to be challenging Donald Trump for the next Republican Party nomination to be its candidate for president.