April 16, Relative Values

April 16, Relative Values


Viagra is more dangerous than Mifepristone pills.

So, which one should we ban if we would lower health care bills?

Will fundamentalist religiosity prevail

With laws that favor those who are white, Christian, and a male?


Republicans make idols out of their AR 15s.

They’d rather save their guns than save their children through their teens.

We’ve seen what happens when we have them in our government.

Reviewing history shows they’re a failed experiment.


Our Constitution starts with, “We the People…” and today

That has a broader meaning than its meaning yesterday.

We’re black and white and mixtures, making lots of in-betweens,

Both genders, all ethnicities produced by human genes.


All races and religions make up our society.

That only one should dominate, denies equality.

Although some people think that their god granted them the throne,

Our strength comes from diversity and not one tribe alone.


Republican philosophy is missing this ideal.

It’s not surprising then that they are losing their appeal.

Restricting votes and insurrection for autocracy

Have not, so far, been able to destroy democracy.


One of their worst mistakes was their attack on women’s rights.

Attacks on contraception and abortion started fights

Republicans are losing, as we see in every poll.

To lose half of all voters certainly was not their goal.


Appealing to their bigot base costs them the middle group.

Attacking reproductive choice: they’re boiling in the soup.

Though gerrymandered districts may protect them for a while,

They’re losing even more with their messiah standing trial.


If folks think they’re misogynistic, racist autocrats,

Republicans will lose some voters to the Democrats.

They’re out of step with values that kept growing through the years.

So now their candidates are hearing more and more Bronx cheers.