April 19, Dominion Dominates Fox

April 19, Dominion Dominates Fox


Dominion gained dominion over Fox.

They caught Fox lying just to please their flocks.

Since Fox broadcasts supported Trump’s Big Lie,

Should Fox be treated like they have the “Pox?” (1)


Fox was exposed supporting Trump’s Big Lie.

Caught in their lies, they had no good reply.

They paid 800 million bucks instead.

We’ll see if Fox escapes more caustic lye.


With no defense, Fox paid big bucks instead.

Will listeners conclude they were misled?

Will advertisers advertise elsewhere?

Will Rupert Murdoch still remain well-fed?


Will advertisers now migrate elsewhere?

Will Fox broadcasters cease to lie on air?

We’ve heard stockholders threatening to sue,

For fear portfolios may soon be bare.


If Fox shareholders all decide to sue,

Then what will Murdoch and his minions do?

It seems that honesty’s too much to ask,

For Fox to tell the truth is something new.


If honesty is way too much to ask,

A most distasteful and obnoxious task,

Will a big check absolve Fox of their sins?

Or will their audience see through this mask?


If Murdoch’s money pardons Fox’s sins;

If Fox has only been kicked in the shins,

We must expect that Fox News will not change.

And it looks like big money really wins.


  • Starting about 500 years ago, soon after syphilis was introduced into Europe, “The Great Pox,” began to be recognized as a venereal disease. Did Fox screw itself?