September 23, More Trump Sleaze


Now we have learned the Trump team knew their claim of fraud was false.

But Donald played on, anyway, the ”Trump’s a winner,” waltz.

Dominion’s slander lawsuit has put Trump’s ass in a sling.

The facts are all against him; Donald may lose everything.


The Donald uses lawsuits to harass his “enemies.”

But all the current lawsuits show us more of Donald’s sleaze.

And if there are indictments for Trump’s open life of crime,

He very well may land in jail from slipping on his slime.


Now Trump has sued the New York Times and his least favorite niece,

For publishing his records, even more indictment grease.

If Donald goes to prison, will his rallies be curtailed?

Campaigning is more difficult when candidates are jailed.


But Donald says he’ll run again, although his time in court

May make him reconsider….dare we say it?….and abort.

Though not, of course, in Texas, no excuses in that state.

So even from a jail cell, Trump may top the Texas slate.


So…what explains the Trump appeal, with sleaze so obvious?

One explanation is, some folks are just oblivious.

Another explanation works for folks who aren’t too bright,

Trump makes them all feel comfortable; stupidity’s all right.


And then, of course, the selfish rich, for whom wealth is a god,

Two big parts of their liturgy are tax and banking fraud.

And, last, not least, the bigots: keystone of the Trumpist arch,

The kind who will chant racist slogans in a torch-lit march.


To understand the Trump appeal, suspend your disbelief.

Some humans are just hopeless and there may be no relief.

Stupidity and bigotry, two seeds in human genes,

Are fertilized by overflow from Trumpian latrines.