September 22, Mitch, the Obstructer

September 22, Mitch, the Obstructer


McConnell is against whatever Biden wants to do.

Obstruction is McConnell’s game, for him it’s nothing new.

We’ve heard McConnell bullshit when discussing legislation.

On bills the Democrats propose, Mitch suffers obstipation.  (1)


Mitch says that he’ll oppose the Lewis bill on right to vote,

Torpedoing the Ship of State, which may not stay afloat.

And he’ll oppose Pelosi’s bill for raising our debt ceiling,

So we’ll default.  Does that give you an awful, sinking feeling?


For Mitch McConnell, there’s no meaning to “hypocrisy.”

Without that feeling there’s no end of his obduracy.

In charge or not, McConnell doesn’t care whom he is screwing.

He’ll even screw America, hypocrisy pooh-poohing.


McConnell has a novel way for blocking civil rights:

Confirming right-wing judges.  They’ll give Roe v Wade last rites.

McConnell’s view of government: increasing his own power;

Democracy is secondary; let the storm clouds lower.


And, furthermore, on climate change, child care, and Medicare,

Mitch will obstruct these also; he’s consistent, to be fair.

Our nation’s health and fires and floods; there’s no conciliation.

The liberals must fix these themselves, through reconciliation. (2)


So Mitch goes on obstructing; we have seen it all before.

As long as Mitch is in the Senate, we will see much more.

Like little kids, Mitch holds his breath, and sometimes throws a tantrum,

But, either way, he’ll cause pain in the liberal gastric antrum.


  • Obstipation: complete constipation, leading to the state of being full of shit.
  • Budget reconciliation is a work-around, to permit a simple majority to pass a bill in the Senate without getting the sixty votes necessary to stop a filibuster. Southern senators used the filibuster against the civil rights legislation of the 1960s.  McConnell uses it against everything.