September 24, Arizona’s “Audit”

September 24, Arizona’s “Audit”


The Cyber Ninjas have confirmed that Donald Trump got beat.  (1)

Though buried in a lot of bullshit, that’s it: short and sweet.

Facts will not alter Trump’s Big Lie, naïve to think they would.

But, for those who can read and write, we all know that they should.


So, every recount that’s been done confirmed Joe’s victory,

The most secure election in our nation’s history.

But one needs to consider that the Cyber Ninja deal

Has served to cast doubt on elections; no results are real.


Republicans think any lost election must mean fraud.

Folks cannot vote for Democrats; such votes should be outlawed.

So, Red State legislatures will accept votes that they like

But they won’t certify election totals they dislike.


We hear them bullshit mightily that these aren’t racist ploys,

Though they restrict black votes much more than those of “good old boys.”

Suppressing voters has been turned into a form of art,

Preferring votes from old, white guys who just drink beer and fart.


The purpose of suppressing voters: Trump will win next time.

Confirming what Trump tells us: “If I lose, then it’s a crime.”

Our would-be autocrat regards elections as fig leaves,

To cover up the naked truth, show just what Trump believes.


Our would-be Emperor stands naked: comic majesty.

The drooping of his abdomen can’t hide immodesty.

So what comes next?  Well, I would guess, it’s pretty safe to bet,

Trump’s Big Lie will go on and on; we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.


  • News item, September 24.