Ode to Marjorie Taylor Greene (parody to ‘Crazy’ by Willie Nelson)

Ode to Marjorie Taylor Greene  (May be sung to “Crazy” by Willie Nelson)


I’m crazy; my mind is a mass of delusions.

I’m crazy; some people say I am insane.

Dementia, or maybe cerebral contusions,

Whatever…I have a malfunctioning brain.


Worried, progressives in Congress are worried.

I’m packing and I’ve made my threats to them plain.

I’m crazy, resistant to reason infusions.

There’s no vaccination for Q infestation;

Reality’s circling the drain.


Republican party verse:

We’re crazy, supporting Trump when he was lying.

We’re crazy; we welcome in nuts like Ms. Greene.

Dishonest, excusing and even denying

Sedition; we’ll vote to let Donald off clean.


Worry, Trump told everyone not to worry.

Nothing, no problem from Covid 19.

We’re crazy; denying that people are dying.

Deny mass infection; excuse insurrection;

And maintain Trump’s Big Lie machine.



(Patsy Cline’s version of “Crazy” is definitive.)