I Got Poked – a song of immunity

I Got Poked (a song of immunity)


I got poked; my wife got poked; our APCs can start.  (1)

The first steps toward immunity; three cell types play a part.

Translating the mRNA to make the spike protein,

Producing an immune response to block Covid 19.


The antigens of spike protein, displayed on MHCs,  (2)

Are recognized by CD4 expressed on Helper Ts.  (3)

These cells make interleukins which will stimulate B cells,  (4)

That recognize the spike protein, (the story science tells.)


Chorus:  From APCs, to Helper Ts, to B cells: see it go

By cell-cell interaction and by interleukin flow.

We’re making antibodies and some cells for memory.

And that is what is going on, though just a summary.


We first make IgM and then we switch to IgG,

And sometimes we make IgE, which causes allergy.

Our IgA protects mucosae: nose and GI tract.

With IgMs and Gs, and As, the virus is attacked.  (5)


For, if you block the spike proteins, the virus can’t attach.

And, that means Covid 19 is a virus you won’t catch.

If everybody gets vaccine and we are all immune,

Then Covid 19 cannot spread and it will die out soon.


Chorus:  From APCs, to Helper Ts, to B cells….


We’ve now learned how the system works; the science is quite clear.

The side effects are understood; so you need have no fear.

With no vaccine, the Covid 19 may go on and on.

So, everybody, get your shots until the threat is gone.


Chorus:  From APCs, to Helper Ts, to B cells….


  • 1  APCs are antigen presenting cells. These are cells in the macrophage family that phagocytose (eat) viruses and bacteria and even inanimate foreign bodies (splinters, coal dust.)  They digest antigens and present fragments of them on cell surface molecules that other immune cells can recognize as foreign.
  • 2  MHC: major histocompatibility molecules, sometimes called Ia, for immune associated. These molecules, having several different, genetically determined sequences, can fit foreign antigen fragments into grooves that T cells can bind to and be stimulated to mature.
  • 3  CD4 is a recognition molecule, expressed by  lymphocytes called T Helper Cells.  It can attach to MHC molecules on APCs and transmit activation signals from the APCs to the T Helper Cells.
  • 4  B Cells are the precursors of antibody synthesizing cells.  In the bone marrow, (hence, B,) they randomly assemble different antibody DNA sequences from a large repertoire that we inherit from our ancestors, then the B cells migrate around the body in the bloodstream looking to see if they recognize anything foreign in the presence of a Helper T Cell.  If they do, they are stimulated to mature by Interleukins, activating molecules that T Helper Cells and APCs make.
  • 5  Mature B cells become Plasma Cells that synthesize and secrete antibodies of five different classes (sizes, sequences, and properties.) IgM and IgG are the major classes of circulating antibodies in the blood stream.  IgA is secreted by all of our mucosal surfaces.  It coats organisms and prevents them from attaching to the underlying cells.  IgE causes allergies.  Why we have it is still a subject of debate.  Chickens don’t have any and their immune response seems to work just fine without it.

Sorry for all the jargon.