Trump, the Russian Asset (based on article in Guardian by former KGB agent)

Trump, the Russian Asset


Was Donald Trump a Russian asset?

Was he a well-polished facet,

Part of Putin’s strategy,

In his foreign policy?


Donald was manipulated,

Over decades, cultivated,

Flattered, no need for a fist,

Since he was a narcissist.


Trump loves money, dollars, rubles;

Putin, learning Trump lacked scruples,

Pushed some Russian cash his way:

Putin sculptor, Donald clay.


Then, when Trump was presidential,

Putin’s work proved consequential.

Watching Trump, whom he beguiled,

Wreck the West, Vlad Putin smiled.


Putin’s patience was rewarded

When the man that he had courted

Worked for Russia’s benefit

As a “useful idiot.”


Now that Trump lost the election,

Will Vlad make a course correction?

Maybe Hawley, maybe Cruz,

Are two people he could use.