Donald at the Bat – Day 1435, Mutation, Mutation

Day 1435, Mutation, Mutation  (And Seasonal Songs)


Mutation, mutation, what viruses do,

Influenza and Covid 19.

And each replication will throw out a few,

Any gene, therefore any protein.


Mutation, mutation, now Covid 19’s.

Variations begin to appear.

Reporters ask scientists, “Will our vaccines

“Still protect?  Is there reason to fear?”


Our vaccines employ spike protein antigen;

That’s how Covid can bind to a cell.

The variants use it, so women and men

Should take vaccine so they can stay well.


Mutation, selection, how microbes survive,

When adapting to immunity

If they can mutate, their descendents may thrive;

Life’s a struggle, no impunity.


Mutation, selection, as in Darwin’s book,  (1)

Is a law ruling biology.

If you doubt evolution, just take a look;

There’s your answer, not theology.


If you disagree, deny biology,

Won’t wear masks and resist the vaccine.

Then you should start writing your own eulogy;

You may lose to the Covid 19.


(1)  “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,” 1859.