Walkin’ Where Darwin Walked

A retired attorney and now professional photographer traveled the Galapagos last Dec2013/Jan2014 with his grandson and made a video that he thinks will be used by the World Wildlife Fund on their website. He decided to look for music to accompany his video and came upon our website: www.scientificgospel.com. He went to iTunes and bought ‘Charley Darwin’ and ‘The Single Best Idea Anybody Ever Had.’ Then he contacted us to ask for permission to use the songs for his video. When we told him that Steve now had a song specifically dedicated to the Galapagos Islands where Darwin walked, he was thrilled, so Steve sang it to him over the phone. Richard Jacobs loved it and then asked if it was recorded, but it was not then.

That inspired us to go back into the studio just to record this one song: “Walkin’ Where Darwin Walked.”

Dr. Stephen Baird & The Galapagos Mountain Boys recorded a song Steve wrote while we were in the Galapagos Islands on a cruise of the islands last November 2013. The song reflects our voyage and trekking in the lands where Darwin walked, saw, thought and had his ‘ah ha’ moments about natural selection.

The song was recorded at Spragueland in Cardiff, CA by our super recording engineer and of of the best jazz guitarists in the world! It’s always a pleasure spending such quality time with Peter Sprague who understands and appreciates Steve’s quirky composing style and insightful, erudite, and oft times funny lyrics.

The band consisted of Stephen Baird, composer, lyricist, guitar & lead vocals; Daniel Baird, lead guitar; Dwight Worden, bass; and James Rust, mandolin. Daniel, Dwight and James added backup vocals.

As soon as we get the song on a server, we’ll add it to this site and then to Facebook.