September 9, Stupidity, Redux

September 9, Stupidity, Redux


If you take Ivermectin because you’re a horses’ ass,

You’ll find that you’re still full of shit but all your worms will pass.

If you like Donald Trump’s bullshit, hydroxychloroquine

Will be a perfect complement to your drug regimen.


But, if it’s Covid 19 you are hoping to prevent,

I’ll give you some advice that rabid Trumpists will resent.

Moderna, Pfizer, J. and J., each one’s a great vaccine;

Roll up your sleeves and get your shots; goodbye Covid 19.


But, if you caught Trumpism, due to your stupidity,

And you’re rejecting science, data, and reality,

Then shoot some bleach and shine light up your ass and down your throat;

Then get in line, for you will soon be taking Charon’s boat.  (1)


One more thing: thanks to government, the vaccination’s free.

That means the cost is zero, and it works, no sorcery.

Anti vaxxers try to tell you that there’s some conspiracy

But all the stuff they make up is just crazy fantasy.


We cannot fix stupidity; it seems we’re stuck with it.

It’s been true through the ages; some folks seem to like bullshit.

So bovine, equine, human: the results about the same,

The bullshit artist flourishes, sometimes with pants aflame.


If you practice stupidity, bullshitters aim for you.

Though there’s a “Q” in “QAnon,” it won’t raise your I.Q.

You’ll die from Covid 19 or the false cures you ingest

Because you cannot understand, a free vaccine works best.


  • In Greek Mythology, Charon was the boatman who took the souls of the dead across the river Styx to Hades.