September 10, Alternative Reality

September 10, Alternative Reality


Though Joe has science, Donald has stupidity and greed.

For an accomplished grifter, that is all that he should need.

If not for Covid 19, Trump would still be president

But his lies let too many die, which voters would resent.


And now his base is showing us that they would rather die

Than listen to the scientists, preferring Trump’s Big Lie.

They’re living in a dream state: alternate reality,

Where Trump won the election; vaccines cause sterility.


And now, they threaten school boards who say kids must wear a mask.

Though dress codes are OK, to wear a mask, too much to ask.

Some Red State governors are frankly killing Donald’s base;

With, “Freedom!” on their lips, they’re spitting Covid in our face.


Two hundred million vaccinated, eighty more to go.

And Biden’s lost his patience; he is not simpatico.

All federal employees now have a vaccine mandate,

As well as larger businesses, and by a certain date.


The Red State governors all say that Biden can’t do that.

The law and history say he can and Biden’s standing pat.

Our freedoms don’t include the right to injure other folks,

Especially when deluded, (thinking Covid is a hoax.)


So this will now go through the courts while Covid Delta spreads.

It’s States’ Rights at its worst, our Red States fighting with the feds.

How many more must die while all our stupid have their way?

The answer: tens of thousands more.  Then what will Donald say?