September 8, Stupidity

September 8, Stupidity


Can we eradicate stupidity?

Old aphorisms say we can’t succeed.

No use denying the validity:

“You can’t fix stupid;” it’s a hardy breed.


Though Covid 19 doesn’t have a brain,

It understands Charles Darwin very well.

Mutation and selection, to be plain,

Help it to spread and put mankind through hell.


Unvaccinated people cannot grasp

This basic evolutionary rule.

And, even when they’re taking their last gasp,

Most won’t admit they’re Covid 19’s fuel.


Why is stupidity so prominent?

Has it always been with us?  Is it new?

If it’s not new, why now so dominant?

If you’re not stupid, does it threaten you?


Example one: refusing the vaccines,

Replacing science with theology,

Such denseness helps to spread Covid 19,

When you don’t understand biology.


If you’re someone who’s been easy to fool,

Someone who’s likely to believe a lie,

A “useful idiot,” a tyrant’s tool,

Autocracy will follow, by and by.


Did Donald cause this awful mess we’re in?

Or was our history a clear prologue,

That, some day a pandemic would begin?

And our democracy’s blood vessels clog?


Stupidity may kill your fellow man;

Stupidity attacks democracy.

There are no reasons to doubt that it can;

The latest data: Trump’s ascendancy.