September 6, Trumpist Dilemma

 September 6, Trumpist Dilemma


As Trumpists resist vaccination,

And Covid spreads throughout the nation,

Republicans die

And we wonder why

They buy fatal misinformation.


Since Covid has learned evolution,

Assuring its wide distribution,

Though Trumpists deny

That such facts apply,

The virus won’t grant absolution.


Outvoted in our last election,

They’re sticking with their flawed selection.

They buy Trump’s Big Lie

And our FBI

Says some plan a new insurrection.




Now Donald is facing indictment

For fraud and for riot incitement,

Why do Trumpists buy

This fraudulent guy?

A strange craving for more excitement?


If you have been fed a pure diet

Of lies that made you want to riot,

And you deify

One you should decry,

You’ve been suckered; you can’t deny it.


The Trumpists must make a decision.

It’s time that they showed some contrition.

Trump’s lies putrify;

Now, smote hip and thigh;

Their views need extensive revision.