September 18, Crazy (parody to Willie Nelson’s ‘Crazy’)

September 18, Crazy  (1)



We’re crazy for Donald Trump’s lying.

We’re crazy,

Crazy that black folks vote blue.

We say

That Donald Trump won the election,

Though all courts say

That our allegations aren’t true.



Covid vaccines make us worry.


What in the world vaccines do?

So crazy,

Believing all that Fox News tells us.

We’re crazy for lying

And crazy for buying

The crazy lies Trumpists all spew.


We’re crazy,

Believing all Donald Trump tells us.

We’re crazy, complying;

We’re crazy, relying

On crazy stuff Trump says is true.


  • May be sung to “Crazy,” by Willie Nelson (1961). The recording by Patsy Cline in 1962 is definitive.