September 17, The Big Balls of Trinidad 

September 17, The Big Balls of Trinidad  (1)


A couple of tweets by Nicki Minaj,

Reporting big balls on her cousin’s friend,

Called anti-vaxxers to join her ménage:

More vaccine side effects.  Heaven forfend!


She said her cousin’s friend’s from Trinidad.

So, Tucker Carlson says he will fly there.

For Tucker, such big balls are not all bad;

For, might this vaccine help him grow a pair?


Trinidad’s Health Chief then said on TV,

He looked high (and low) but he could not find

These swollen testes; there don’t seem to be

Such side effects on which Tucker opined.


Facts do not matter to Tucker or Fox,

(Though Fox mandates that they all take vaccine,)

Then broadcasts bullshit from their fecal crocks,

Thus killing viewers with Covid 19.


Minaj tweets the balls of her cousin’s friend

Swelled after taking the Covid vaccine,

A fact that was not confirmed in the end.

That Fox told her story, could be forseen.


Nicki is tweeting she’ll do more “research,”

Then take the vaccine, so she can perform.

While Tucker, parroting from his high perch,

Drains his cloaca, so true to Fox form.


  • News item, September 13. Rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted that a friend of her cousin, who lives in Trinidad, took the Covid vaccine and said that it made his testicles swell up and he became impotent.  His bride-to-be then cancelled their wedding.