September 1, The Brains in Congress

Is Mitch’s brain ischemic? And, does Feinstein have dementia? (1)
Would government work better if they both were in absentia?
The IQ scores ain’t very high, when averaged through the Senate.
So, is there any benefit from these two staying in it?

And then, of course, there’s Donald Trump, whose speech sounds like word salad.
And most of everything he says turns out to be invalid.
And in the House, we have Green, Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and James Comer,
And many more, who’ve clearly earned the diagnosis, “gomer.” (2)

But meanwhile, the Republicans are pointing at Joe Biden
And charging that his age means his intelligence is slidin’.
Their real problem, I suspect, is that Joe is effective.
And not that there is anything about Joe that’s defective.

So, let’s start with Diane and Mitch, who both ought to be leaving.
If we think realistically, there ought to be no grieving.
For Feinstein is far past her prime and Mitch is just obstructive.
So urging their retirements is nothing but constructive.

If vasculopathy is what is making Mitch “light-headed,”
A major stroke is likely the direction he is headed.
If Feinstein has dementia, there’s no chance of her improving.
So, if she stays in office, what does she think she is proving?

With lots of folks in Congress who are mentally deficient,
There’s little hope that group can be effective and efficient.
Both Mitch and Feinstein served effectively when first elected.
But Father Time has come for them and soon they’ll be collected.

(1) Most, if not all physicians who have watched Mitch McConnell’s “absences” on TV worry that he is having “transient ischemic attacks,” usually abbreviated, “TIA.” These often predict a more serious stroke and require a thorough examination of cerebral blood vessels.
(2) “Gomer,” is a slang medical term, an acronym for “Get out of my emergency room.” It describes a patient with lots of problems for which there is nothing helpful you can do. It has since acquired the connotation of a basically worthless person.