October 7, Useful Idiot?

October 7, Useful Idiot?


Was Donald Trump a “useful idiot,”

A horse to pull Steve Bannon’s chariot

To war with the administrative state,

A state Steve wanted to eliminate?


Steve said there was a state to deconstruct.

Though Trump was hard to tame or to instruct,

He turned out to be so undisciplined,

He made some fear democracy might end.


Incompetent but useful idiot,

A narcissist and not a patriot,

These qualities made Trump fit Bannon’s plans

And be soft putty in Vlad Putin’s hands.


Though Donald did not deconstruct the state,

It’s nonetheless left in an awful state.

And now we learn he wants to run again,

As Steve and Vladimir both start to grin.


Another Trump term likely means we’re done.

Democracy’s already on the run.

Republicans try to suppress the vote,

While Steve and Russia’s “tsar” both grin and gloat.


Trump tried an insurrection but he failed;

Now he may be indicted, may be jailed.

We’ll know that we’ve descended into hell

If Trump can win while in a jail cell.