October 5, McConnell’s Genitalia

October 5, McConnell’s Genitalia


McConnell’s genitalia

Do not have much to do.

Fancy paraphernalia,

Now shriveled residue.

But age does not anesthetize,

Still pain receptors there,

So, use them to incentivize

McConnell to be fair.


McConnell’s genitalia

Serve as low hanging fruit.

Useful paraphernalia,

Ripe for a well-aimed boot.

It’s Mitch’s nature to obstruct;

A swift kick in the balls

Is sometimes useful to instruct

A mule who always stalls.


A place to start: financial sleaze,

Find funds in offshore banks.

You’ll drop his pants down to his knees,

When you find his Swiss francs.

A search for Mitch’s naughtiness,

Will tell us where to kick,

To alter Mitch’s haughtiness,

And his obstructive schtick.


So, money, women, what’s the key

To where to aim the boot?

McConnell may get panicky

If we find hidden loot.

When Mitch’s gonads are exposed,

When we have found his vice,

Perhaps he won’t be so hard-nosed,

With his nuts in a vise.


Note added in proof:  (1)


As Lyndon Johnson used to say,

“Just grab them by the balls;

“Their hearts and minds won’t go astray,

“When their new master calls.”

  • President Lyndon Johnson was quoting President Theodore Roosevelt, who said, ”If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.” Following such philosophical strategy and tactics may have helped Johnson to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, both of which were stalled by Republican filibusters.