October 4, Trump’s Cult of Personality

October 4, Trump’s Cult of Personality


Trump’s cult of personality

Demands undying fealty,

Like service to a feudal lord.

But, it’s a one-way loyalty.


Trump’s minions serve a feudal lord,

To be obeyed, yea more, adored.

But when the ill winds start to blow,

Then Donald Trump may cut the cord.


When red lights flash and ill winds blow,

(For lists of sins and crimes will grow,)

Trump’s servants hope he pardons them,

Their lord, from whom all blessings flow.  (1)


They all hope Donald pardons them.

One can’t be sure; it’s on his whim.

Poor Rudy was left high and dry,

With hair dye dripping off of him.


Poor Giuliani, high and dry

And overdosed on scotch and rye,

Knows Donald pardoned Michael Flynn,

Who “just” lied to the FBI.


Trump pardoned Manafort and Flynn;

(To Trump, to lie is not a sin.)

Both pardoned for their loyalty,

While Rudy takes the javelin.


Some pardoned for their loyalty,

Some loyal, still a casualty.

One needs to know that his “Don” has (2)

A whimsical mentality.


  • Taken from the Christian Doxology.
  • A mafia “don” is the boss, “il capo di tutti capi:” the head or “boss” of all bosses.