October 3, Whence Comes Our Terrorism?

October 3, Whence Comes Our Terrorism?


Whom should we fear as terrorists?

The Black Lives Matter “communists”?

Perhaps the foreign islamists?

Or home-grown, Christian, white fascists?


What are the seeds of tyranny?

Societal disharmony,

When fueled by widespread calumny,

Produces loud cacophony.


Which leads to instability.

Those striving for equality

Provoke widespread hostility

That they’ll destroy stability.


So, citizens of darker hue,

Are threats to those of low I.Q.,

Believing claims that are untrue.

(Eventually, we blame the Jew.)


And then, mix some religion in,

Charge others with a mortal sin,

A demagogue, your paladin.

Try insurrection.  Try again.


Foundations of democracy,

When shaken by theocracy,

As servant of plutocracy,

Will  crumble to autocracy.