October 2, Belligerent Stupidity

October 2, Belligerent Stupidity


Belligerent stupidity,

(With all due disrespect,)

Has caused increased mortality,

The anti-vax effect.


For now, we watch as Southern states

And counties that vote red,

Are sneering at vaccine mandates

And choosing death instead.


Cry, “Freedom!” (to infect a friend,

Or, for yourself, to die,)

And this pandemic might not end.

It’s not mysterious why.


With scientific data clear

In tables, charts, and graphs,

Though Tucker Carlson may jeer,

The old Grim Reaper laughs.


The Southern states claim they’re pro-life

But Covid brings a chill;

It sends folks to the afterlife,

As Delta kills at will.


The South provoked a Civil War,

For freedom to enslave.

Now, joined with Covid, they kill more,

As anti-vaxxers rave.


Belligerent stupidity

Means freedom to infect

And die from an absurdity.

There’s nothing to respect.