November 29, Vaccinate!  (Parody to “Jingle Bells”)

November 29, Vaccinate!  (May be sung to “Jingle Bells”)



Vaccinate!  Vaccinate!

Stop the Covid spread.

If you do not vaccinate,

Then, you may wind up dead.

Oh, vaccinate!  Vaccinate!

Covid is no hoax.

And to ensure that you survive,

Go get your booster pokes.


Covid’s here today,

Stealthy, evil, mean.

To drive it away,

Go get your vaccine.

For, if you resist,

Maybe one day soon,

Your name will join the growing list

Of dead who weren’t immune.


Chorus:  Oh, vaccinate!  Vaccinate!….


Covid hangs around,

Spreading day and night.

The main reason found:

Some folks aren’t too bright.

Anti vaxxers view

Science as a lie.

So, now they fill the ICU

And, one by one, they die.


Chorus:  Oh, vaccinate!  Vaccinate!…


Viruses mutate.

Variants appear,

Then they propagate,

Spreading far and near.

Vaccine hostility,

Means mutants amplify;

Folks have their own stupidity

To blame if they should die.


Chorus:  Vaccinate!  Vaccinate!….


On a power trip,

Mostly in Red States,

Nitwit leadership

Blocks vaccine mandates.

Stupid on its face,

Clearly quite unwise,

How can they hope to stay in place

When it’s their base that dies?


Chorus:  Oh, vaccinate!  Vaccinate!…


  • “Jingle Bells,” was written in the 1850s by James L. Pierpoint. It was initially sung as a “fun in the snow” song but soon became a famous Christmastime song and known around the world.