November 20, Kyle the Kid

November 20, Kyle the Kid


He drove across a state line with a gun he should not own.

Just seventeen, still baby-faced, a youth not fully grown.

Police had shot another unarmed black man in the back.

And BLM protested; property under attack.


The kid said that he brought his rifle to save property.

And, being armed, that helped assure his own security.

Unruly crowd, kid with a gun, you know what happened next;

Two men shot dead, one wounded: self-defense was the pretext.


He did not need to be there, did not need to bring a gun.

The jury said they were OK with all the kid had done.

He killed a mental patient, killed a man with a skateboard,

And shot a man who had a gun but he lived; praise the Lord!


Was he a good guy with a gun, his victims, then, all bad?

A menacing skateboarder killed….America, how sad.

When cops next shoot a black man down, will BLM protest?

Will vigilantes come with guns and start a murder fest?


What of the kid, still baby-faced, and his AR 15?

He beat a double murder rap when only seventeen.

Will other would be “heroes” want to challenge him to “draw?”

And, if they shoot him down, will they be sanctioned by the law?


Republicans now sing his praise; they’ve made the gun their god.

It’s like the Bible’s Golden Calf, a dangerous god to laud.

The Lord God sentenced Israel to wander ‘til they died.

What will our sentence be for guns that we have deified?